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ID:Silk 01
Start Date:08.08.2023 - 14.11.2023
Material:100% Silk
Fibre:Protein Fibre
Sample Size:75x75
Original colour: White More about Silk: Silk is the strongest natural protein fibre and is predominantly produced from silkworms, small moths, which spin a silk cocoon that is processed to yield silk fibre, in a process called sericulture. Properties: Despite its natural strength, silk is mostly desirable for its luxurious feel and undeniable historical importance. Light weight and soft feel make it a prized fabric for clothing and luxury home furnishings. Decomposition: The tested white silk sample did not show any signs of fragmentation in the 14 weeks of testing in mature compost under 29°C. The main difference was its staining, occurring due of the presence of pigmented bacteria and fungi, as well as the pigments from microbial decay.
Silk 01, W00W00
Silk 01, W02W02
Silk 01, W04W04
Silk 01, W06W06
Silk 01, W08W08
Silk 01, W10W10
Silk 01, W12W12
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